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Welcome to Year 4!

This half term, Year 4 have been using inverted commas and fronted adverbials to innovate the Little Red Riding Hood story. They also used fake iPhone texting to change texts into direct speech.

They have been tasting existing bread products and designing new bread products, which they will bake in the Great Bread Bake Off!

Recently, they have been writing about their Science investigation, producing an explanation text. Next, they will be explaining all about the water cycle.

In Geography, they have been learning about rivers and have produced some collages about the journey of the river.

Children have used Tiny Tap on the iPads to make spelling games for homophones using their, there and they're correctly.

In Maths, they have been working hard on fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills on place value and addition. Year 4 are getting better at using tangrams.

Trips to The Oldham Academy North art department have started well, with the children listening, noticing and being excellent ambassadors for the school!

Mrs Shaw.