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Blackshaw Lane School Expectations

Treating each other with respect and courtesy, is the key to establishing a high standard of behaviour. All members and visitors of the Blackshaw Lane School Community should strive be positive role models for all children.

Our Behaviour policy is based upon reward and recognition for achievement and effort. All children should be valued for what they can achieve. Children are given appropriate responsibilities and encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions.

Rewards in the form of praise, positive written comments, stickers, team/class points and Learner of the Week, Citizen of the Week awards are all examples of the things we encourage. Where sanctions are necessary, the behaviour is judged, not the child. Sanctions include but are not exclusive to verbal warnings, amber or red fan symbol, completion of missed work in break times, separation from the rest of the class, removal of privileges, telephone call home, behaviour reports/charts, meeting with parents in school.

All members of Blackshaw Lane work within the following school expectations;

Be Respectful

Do Your Best

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

Be Co-operative

Communicate Appropriately

Express Feelings and Emotions Appropriately

Children are always listened to, and any deliberate acts of unkindness are dealt with immediately. Minor problems are usually dealt with by the class teacher or other members of staff in school.

Behaviour that requires a consequence/sanction will be recorded in the class behaviour log. This will also be monitored at regular intervals by the behaviour lead to identify any areas of concern.

File icon: pdf Promoting Positive Behavour Policy June 2017 [pdf 428KB] Click to download