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Celebration Assemblies

We hold our celebration assemblies each Friday at 9am and everyone is welcome to come along and join us. 

We encourage the children to bring in any certificates and awards they may have achieved in activities outside of school.

Class Awards Week Ending 18/05/18

The following pupils have been recognised for their contributions in class this week

Nursery Citizen of the Week – Daniel Morris

Nursery Learners of the Week –

Maddie Flaherty and Millen Madders

Reception Citizen of the Week – Callum McCann

Reception Learners of the Week –

Noelle Whitfield and Oscar Monkton

Year 1 Citizen of the Week – Oliver Sullivan

Year 1 Learner of the Week – Ruby Read


 Year 2 Citizens of the Week – All of Year 2

Year 2 Learner of the Week – Lexi-Leigh Brotherton


Year 3 Citizen of the Week – Lewis Yusaf

Year 3 Learner of the Week – Lewis Yusaf


Year 4 Citizen of the Week – Kyle Williams

Year 4 Learner of the Week – Hollie Hunt


Year 5 Citizen of the Week – Leah Widdal

Year 5 Learner of the Week – Samir Ahmed


Year 6 Citizens of the Week – All of Year 6!

Year 6 Leaners of the Week –  All of Year 6!

School Citizen of the Week –

Sydney Croft, Year 5