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Celebration Assemblies

We hold our celebration assemblies each Friday at 9am and everyone is welcome to come along and join us. 

We encourage the children to bring in any certificates and awards they may have achieved in activities outside of school.

Class Awards Week Ending 10/11/17

The following pupils have been recognised for their contributions in class this week

Nursery Citizens of the Week –

The Whole Class for being amazing all week!

Nursery Learner of the Week – Nicolas Corbishley

Reception Citizen of the Week – Liah Slicker

Reception Learner of the Week– Harrison Sidlow

Year 1 Citizen of the Week – Abbie Day

Year 1 Learner of the Week – Tillie Pearson

Year 2 Citizen of the Week – Alfie Dowd

Year 2 Learner of the Week – Scarlett Dixon

Year 3 Citizen of the Week – Heidi Marshall

Year 3 Learner of the Week – Joe Hampson

Year 4 Citizen of the Week – Cameron Lee

Year 4 Learner of the Week – Sienna Earnshaw

Year 5 Citizen of the Week – Ben Harper

Year 5 Learner of the Week – Jack Crowther

Year 6 Citizen of the Week – Alicia Batista

Year 6 Learners of the Week –

Olivia Harper and Aleeza Badar

School Citizen of the Week – Eva Read, Year 4