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Welcome to Reception!

This half term, Reception are continuing with their topic of "Wow, how amazing am I?" We will be looking into our daily routines and investigating night and day. We will be thinking about things we do during the day and at night.  We will be learning about how it is not night time across the world at the same time.

As Autumn turns to Winter, we will be observing the seasonal changes and will be thinking about how we look after animals in winter.  We have a walk to the war memorial booked in and also our local vicar is going to come and speak to us and help us make christingales. We have a real owl coming to school to visit us as part of our learning about Nocturnal animals.
The last part of the term  will involve us finding out why we celebrate Christmas.  We will investigate Christmas traditions in our homes and across the world, followed by a week of Christmas crafts.
In Maths, we will continue to investigate numbers up to 20 and beyond. We will begin to learn the adding and subtraction process and start to learn how to count in 2's and 10's!

Mrs. Claber

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