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Welcome to Year 6!

This term, Year 6 have been developing their writing skills by producing character and setting descriptions, written diary entries, producing persuasive letters and undertaking research for a chronological report.

They have learnt about how authors use pathetic fallacy, symbolism and emotive language for effect.  They have also learnt how to create atmosphere and use figurative language to build tension and create suspense.  

In Maths, they have learnt how to do long division effectively and problem solve with common multiples and prime numbers.  They have also been developing their explanatory and reasoning skills when solving puzzles and problems.

In Science last half term, the class topic was elements of light, this half term they will be studying and learning about electricity.  The children have really enjoyed finding out facts and information about the Mayans and learning and singing songs by Michael Jackson.

Miss Roebuck

File icon: pdf Y6 curriculum overview [pdf 272KB] Click to download

Good Work Examples from Year 6